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Denver Wood Slabs

Contact Ryan Dirksen
Address 4903 Washington St. Denver, CO 80216
Denver, CO 80216
Phone (720) 780-7752
County, Area Located in Denver County, part of the CSFS Northeast Area
Product Categories Art & Novelties, Beams & Timbers, Cabinets, Doors & Windows, Furniture, Logs, Lumber, Specialty Products
Company Profile Denver Wood Slabs mills and kiln-dries local, urban, sustainably harvested trees. Our warehouse, just north of downtown Denver, has hundreds of kiln-dried wood slabs available in dozens of hardwood species. Our inventory also includes tree bases and stumps, turning blanks, book matched slabs, boules and burls. Serving both the residential and commercial markets, our clients are homeowners, designers, custom home builders, wood workers, furniture builders, hobbyists and businesses. Our wood slabs are great for countertops, tables, vanities, mantles, doors and more.

We provide custom saw milling, planing and kiln drying as well as design, woodworking and metal fabrication.

We are open by appointment M-F 9-5:30.


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