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Moose Haven Milling Ltd.

Contact Ray Randolph
Address 591 S. Field Ct.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Phone (303) 944-7740
County, Area Located in Jefferson County, part of the CSFS Northeast Area
Product Categories Beams & Timbers, Blue Stain, Firewood & Fuelwood, Flooring & Paneling, Furniture, Logs, Lumber
Company Profile A new, small milling operation working exclusively with Colorado lodgepole pine (unless requested otherwise). We operate using a small semi-portable bandsaw mill and can provide lumber, cants, firewood, beams, blue-stain wood and old barnwood (40+ years old, all shapes and sizes -- available in huge quantities, no nails).

We do custom milling of fallen/cut trees, custom slabs. We're capable of milling 24-foot lengths.


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