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Twisted by Nature

Contact Otis Latham
Address 48291 I.E. Rd.
Mesa, CO 81643
Phone (970) 268-5554
County, Area Located in Mesa County, part of the CSFS Northwest Area
Product Categories Art & Novelties, Cabinets, Doors & Windows, Furniture, Specialty Products
Company Profile Otis Latham has been in the log furniture industry for about 15 years, supplying Loggers Furniture store in Denver and on the western slope to Rustic Elegance in Grand Junction. In our business we try to maintain high standards with the unique appeal of standing dead aspen that has elk chew marks on it. We utilize as much beetle kill as our clients will consume, and we're introducing the beauty of the lowly juniper tree.

All the above wood products get turned into beautiful furniture or accessory items for the home. We purchase most of our raw products from producers within the state of Colorado. Whether it be beetle kill from the Grand County area, the aspen we mill for our own use off of the family ranch, or the character aspen wood that is collected for us in Gunnison County.

At Latham's we specialize in bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, shelves and lighting. Unique aspen wood jewelry boxes, and beetle-kill outdoor furniture and swings. The juniper usually ends up as high-end taxidermy pedestals. We look forward to helping others make dream furniture from Colorado products.


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