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Where Wood Meets Steel

Contact Ryan Dirksen
Address 4903 Washington St.
Denver, CO 80216
Phone (720) 780-7752
County, Area Located in Denver County, part of the CSFS Northeast Area
Product Categories Art & Novelties, Furniture, Logs, Lumber, Specialty Products
Company Profile With over 15 years in business, we salvage and repurpose felled, American hardwood trees, designing and fabricating custom furniture and fixtures for living and working spaces. Our core business grew from the urge to rescue the local, mature hardwood trees of Denver being cut down due to disease, age or development, and the desire to offer people a custom solution for their space and lifestyle. Now, with hundreds of slabs in inventory, we offer everything from rough milled slabs to complete custom-designed build-outs. Pairing these sustainable, reclaimed trees with certified American-made steel (a recycled material in itself) has become our signature style.

Our pieces are well-designed, well-crafted, high-end functional works of art designed and built to last a lifetime. Our clients are homeowners, architects, designers, business owners, wood workers, home builders and hobbyists. They are discerning and seek quality, custom, unique pieces that perfectly fit their environment.

Strong and enduring, our work is designed and built with climate in mind to avoid compromising its integrity, allowing it to last for generations.

We are open by appointment M-F 9-5:30.


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