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Wildfires have been shaping western landscapes since before recorded history. Fire is a natural and often necessary component of most forest ecosystems.

Human activity and developments within the forest increases the potential for fire ignition and greatly expands the values placed at risk when wildfires occur. If you live in a suburban or rural development, you are most likely at some level of increased risk.

Many factors such as the amount, arrangement and type of vegetation present, terrain features, access, water availability, building materials, and type of construction used in developments (homes) all influence your level of risk.

How We Can Help You

Our foresters are also experienced wildland firefighters. We know how to reduce the risks you may face and improve your home’s chances of surviving a wildfire.

  • Home and property assessment of wildfire risks
  • Design and layout of defensible space, including selecting the best trees to keep
  • Assistance with finding a reputable contractor to thin trees and dispose of wood debris
  • Assistance with the development of a community-wide wildfire protection plan


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Map powered by the Colorado Forest Atlas from the Colorado State Forest Service