The Granby Field Office forest management program provides a variety of forest land management and watershed protection services to Colorado landowners.

Our forest management program provides a variety of services to Colorado landowners. At the Granby Field Office, we are dedicated to providing quality assistance to landowners in Eagle, Grand and Summit counties by helping them achieve their resource management goals.

Our goal is to help you enhance, protect and manage your forest property for optimum health now and for future generations. Services include assistance with the following programs:

  • Forest management plans
  • Timber management projects for forest health and restoration
  • Fuels reduction and modification to reduce wildfire hazards
  • Insect and disease surveys and detection
  • “Sick tree” calls – site visits for both large- and small-acreage properties
  • Conservation tree planting plans
  • Seedling tree advice
  • Advice in selecting forestry contractors
  • Public information and education
  • Workshops for forest landowners, communities and homeowner associations


As a Colorado landowner you can enhance the value of your forestland by being dedicated and concerned about forest management issues and wildfire. Managing your land will not only increase the value and health of your resource, but will also enhance and protect wildlife habitat, soil and water quality, and ecological diversity.

Please contact the Granby Field Office if you would like to talk about managing your forested property.

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