Each day, increasing demands are placed upon our lands and natural resources. Landowners can help reduce the impacts of these demands by making a personal commitment to their own property through tree planting.

Few conservation efforts provide the extensive and enduring benefits of planting seedling trees. Growing low-cost seedlings for Colorado landowners is vital to meeting the state’s conservation goals. Seedlings are used to reforest burned areas, enhance wildlife habitat, reduce soil erosion, protect water supplies and plant living snow fences that provide protection from wind and snow.

The only requirement to purchase seedlings and other plant materials from the CSFS Nursery is that they are used solely for conservation purposes.

Join the 5,000 Coloradans who annually plant seedling trees to benefit the environment, themselves and their neighbors!

Find out who you can place your conservation seedling order with by checking this map of CSFS Nursery Cooperating Agencies.