Customers may pre-order plants through a Nursery cooperating agency as early as Nov. 1.

For a full list of cooperating agencies, please check the information below or contact our office. Alternately, customers may order directly from the Nursery beginning Jan. 1 for shipping via UPS in the spring. UPS orders must be for a minimum of 120 total plants, and an additional shipping charge is applied.

However, to take advantage of the best selection of species, sizes and available quantities, customers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the pre-ordering options through a cooperating agency. This will allow us to focus on providing you with a greater volume of plants of greater quality.

Beginning in late spring and running through the planting season, customers may order items (subject to availability) direct from the Nursery, with pick up in Fort Collins at our facility.

The Nursery is accepting pre-orders for spring of 2022

Please review our Nursery Cooperating Agencies section below to find the participating office nearest you and contact them directly to place an order.

For those who live near Fort Collins and wish to pick up plants directly from the Nursery, or for those who’d like us to ship their trees via UPS, please place your order with the Nursery using the 2022 Order Form (30 KB XLXS).

Nursery Cooperating Agencies

The CSFS Nursery relies on cooperating agencies to promote and sell most of its seedlings to landowners in their respective regions. Seedling cooperators include CSU Extension, conservation districts and CSFS field offices.

If you would like to pick up your trees from a cooperating agency in Colorado, please review the maps below to find out who to contact locally about purchasing our nursery seedling trees.