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Seedlings grow in a field at the Colorado State Forest Service Seedling Tree Nursery.

In addition to growing seedlings for landowner projects, the CSFS Nursery accommodates unique needs with optimized space and project planning.

This includes specialized growing for:

  • Riparian restoration projects
  • Habitat improvement
  • Site-specific requirements or sites that are challenging for reforestation

The nursery is also equipped to store seed, plant material and harvested collections.

Riparian restoration

The CSFS Nursery offers hardy plants specifically tailored for individual riparian site improvement.

Riparian plants are grown in deep tubes to establish substantial root masses that can easily access subsurface moisture.

CSFS growers rely on knowledge gained from growing plants for landscapes damaged in the massive 2013 flooding.

That understanding ensures success with today’s riparian restoration projects.

Custom growing

The CSFS Nursery can focus on time-sensitive, specialty growing by adapting production plans to meet the needs of customers.

Partnerships to restore sage grouse habitat in western Colorado highlight one of the many custom grow efforts led by the nursery.

Regardless of the size of a project, the nursery can accommodate specialty p

lant grows including:

  • Site-specific plant requirements
  • Habitat restoration
  • Vegetative harvests
  • Propagation and emergency grows to support extreme site disturbance

Cooler storage

The CSFS Nursery is proud to be the only facility currently offering large storage services for seed, plant material and vegetative harvests to northern Colorado and the Front Range.

The nursery boasts 6,700 square feet of stackable, refrigerated space for long- or short-term storage.

Prices are based on space requirements and additional services the nursery can provide, such as scales, forklifts and after-hours access.