Wildfires, floods, insect infestations and other natural disasters have a huge impact on Colorado’s forested areas.

In the aftermath of destructive wildfires, reforesting burned land helps protect water supplies, restores wildlife habitat and reduces flooding and erosion.

The Restoring Colorado’s Forests Fund (RCFF) was established to provide seedling trees for planting on lands most severely impacted by wildfires and other disasters.

Private landowners in southeast Colorado and across the state may apply for no-cost seedling trees (PDF) to help reforest their properties. Areas deemed most critical to watershed protection, wildlife habitat and public benefit qualify for planting efforts.

Support the Fund

You can also help restore our forests by donating to the RCFF. Your tax-deductible donations pay for seedling trees for planting on state and private land impacted by wildfires and other disasters. Every $2 donation will purchase one seedling.

Restoring the Spring Fire burn area

The 2018 Spring Fire in southeast Colorado burned 108,045 acres. At the time, it was, by acreage, Colorado’s fourth largest fire.

Private landowners own most of the land burned in the Spring Fire.

While nature is helping with forest regeneration, it is not enough. Qualified landowners may apply to receive no-cost seedlings (PDF) to aid in regenerating the forest.

The RCFF program provides a variety of native species, grown by the CSFS Seedling Tree Nursery, well-suited to the range of habitats across the Spring Fire burn area and all of Colorado.

CSFS Southeast Area foresters have planted hundreds of seedlings in the Spring Fire burn area. In addition, several private landowners have planted seedling trees on their properties.

CSFS Southeast Area foresters are available to answer questions about which species to plant on your particular property.

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La Veta Pick-up Location
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Woodland Park Pick-up Location
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