Funding Assistance

The Colorado State Forest Service helps individuals, landowners, fire departments, community groups and others secure grant assistance for projects that promote healthy forests in Colorado, whenever opportunities arise.

Grants and Assistance Programs

Landowner & Community Assistance Programs for Forestry/Agroforestry in Colorado

The following document outlines forestry/agroforestry cost-share programs for Colorado landowners and communities that are administered by the Colorado State Forest Service.

Natural Resources Grants & Assistance Database

  • To access the Natural Resources Grants & Assistance Database and search for available programs, please click here. The tool is free, and users are not required to register or create a password to access the system.

The CSFS designed this comprehensive database for community groups, landowners, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and others to search for natural resource grants and assistance programs that promote the health and welfare of Colorado's natural resources.

In addition to offering information on some of the programs administered through the CSFS, the database includes opportunities sponsored by federal, state and private organizations that are relevant to Colorado and its residents. This resource focuses primarily on opportunities for Colorado; however, funding opportunities also may apply regionally, nationally or, in some cases, internationally.

Wildfire Mitigation Measures - Income Tax Subtraction

Colorado landowners with property located in a wildland-urban interface area may qualify to receive a tax subtraction for the costs of wildfire mitigation work.

As authorized by ยง39-22-104(4)(n)(ll)), C.R.S., for income tax years 2009 through 2024 individuals, estates and trusts may subtract from federal taxable income certain costs incurred in performing wildfire mitigation measures. For qualifications and limitations under the Wildfire Mitigation Measures Subtraction, please visit the Colorado Department of Revenue.