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Raising Forest Tree Seedlings at Home

Dumroese RK, Landis TD, Wenny DL. 1998. Raising Forest Tree Seedlings at Home: Simple Methods for Growing Conifers of the Pacific Northwest from Seeds. Moscow, Idaho: University of Idaho, Idaho Forest, Wildlife, and Range Experiment Station Contribution Number 860. 56 p.

This manual comes in eight sections:

  1. Cover, Table of Contents and Introduction (141 KB PDF)
  2. Should I Grow My Own Seedlings? (95 KB PDF)
  3. It Starts With Seeds (168 KB PDF)
  4. Growing Seedlings (Bare root) (146 KB PDF)
  5. Growing Seedlings (Container & Plug+One) (233 KB PDF)
  6. Field Planting Considerations (79 KB PDF)
  7. Keeping Records (20 KB PDF)
  8. Appendices (80 KB PDF)