Wildfire Mitigation

Colorado State Forest Service personnel serve as resources for landowners, homeowners and communities to ensure that they have the knowledge to fully prepare for future wildfires.

Wildfire Mitigation

As more people build homes, operate businesses and recreate in areas where wildlands border more urban areas, wildfire threats to private property and lives increase.

Colorado's once rural areas, especially forested lands, are experiencing severe impacts from continuing population increases and peoples' desire to escape urban pressures. Subdivisions and developments are opening new areas for homesite construction at an alarming rate statewide.

Specific program areas we use to help those who request our assistance are in developing FireWise prevention education materials, and programs to deliver these messages and materials to homeowners, landowners and communities.

Community Wildfire Protection Plans

We also support development and implementation of Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) and provide these resources to those interested in developing CWPPs by providing related educational materials and information to CSFS districts and others who request it. We also maintain a database of completed CWPPs from all over Colorado.

Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (CO-WRAP)

In March 2013, the Colorado State Forest Service released a new online mapping tool that will help community leaders, professional planners and interested citizens determine wildfire risk and where forest management actions can achieve the greatest impact to reduce that risk.

Through CO-WRAP, fire mitigation professionals, prevention planners, natural resource professionals and interested citizens can generate maps and download data and reports that describe defined project areas, such as neighborhoods or watersheds.

The information in the web portal is based on geographic information system (GIS) data layers that allow users to view such themes as likelihood of an acre burning, potential fire intensity, historic fire occurrence and values at risk from wildfire.

Current Fire Restrictions in Colorado

A comprehensive list of fire bans in counties and parks throughout the state.

Current Wildfire Information

Information on current wildfires in Colorado can be obtained from the following websites: