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About the Nursery

Each year, we provide more than 50 native species of bare root and container seedlings to landowners at a low cost in order to assist with their conservation efforts, with NO ACREAGE REQUIREMENT.

Our species are grown to suit the diverse set of hardiness zones not only here in Colorado, but in several states ranging from Wyoming to Texas and from Utah to Kansas. Through an extensive network of conservation districts and extension offices, our seedlings are able to reach a variety of landowners across these locations.

Conservation Efforts

Seedlings from the CSFS Nursery can be used for a diverse range of conservation efforts, which include:

  • reforestation in areas devastated by fire and flood
  • stabilizing soil and contributing to erosion control
  • providing an edible landscape while enhancing pollinator and wildlife habitats
  • creating shelterbelts and wind rows to protect livestock, crops and homes

The CSFS Nursery is situated on approximately 130 acres with fields where bare root is grown, and includes 18,000 square feet of greenhouse space where containerized species are propagated from seed.

Containerized seedlings begin their life in the greenhouse and are then transported outdoors where they continue to grow in the shade house. Our bare root species are sown from seed in the field where they grow for up to two seasons. They are then lifted each November and transferred to cool storage before distribution for the next planting season.

The CSFS Nursery has been taking monumental strides to improve our products. The range of species that we grow and the sizes that we offer have expanded greatly. We are constantly experimenting with new species to bring you the highest quality in locally grown, drought-tolerant conservation species for all of your conservation, reclamation and reforestation goals.

Join the thousands of landowners who annually plant trees and, in turn, benefit the environment and their communities!

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